Gray’s Sports Update Hall of Fame

This year, along with the GSUAs, Gray’s Sports Update will give out some more awards. We have decided to induct four out of the eight nominees into the first class of the Gray’s Sports Update Hall of Fame. Here are the nominees:

Tim Brando-CBS

Tim Brando has been one of the staples and most common guests on Gray’s Sports Update. Brando, one of the most outspoken media members in sports, has appeared in five episodes including his very first appearance in Season Two on October 9th.

Rachel Baribeau-Sirius/XM Radio College Sports

Rachel Baribeau was discovered by Gray’s Sports Update almost by accident. During the summer special of “NBA in Birmingham,” Gray found Baribeau on Twitter and asked her to be on the show. The two first met at SEC Media Days 2012, and Baribeau has been on the show twice since. Rachel has been on of Gray’s “media role models,” and she is one of the brightest stars in the industry.

David Knight-SEC Office

Almost every episode in Season Two had one weekly segment: the SEC Weekly Update with David Knight. Knight, before leaving the SEC for his own sports production company, appeared on the show over 35 times with various topics to discuss while also dealing with the occasional injured child and poor cell service. Knight will always be a staple of the show and one of the reasons why Season Two was so popular.

Jacob Rainey-Former Woodberry Quarterback

Jacob Rainey appeared in only one episode of Gray’s Sports Update, but that show registered the highest number of live listens in Gray’s Sports Update history. Rainey came on and talked about his football career after losing his leg, and was even surprised with a special appearance by Jeremy Schaap from ESPN.

Larry Templeton-SEC Office

Larry Templeton, a member of the SEC staff, recorded the highest number of listens in Season One, while also providing a high listening total for his episode in Season Two. One of the first guests to come on the show, Dr. Bapa has been one of the biggest supporters vocally of the show.

Amy Lawrence-CBS Radio

The relationship between Gray and Amy Lawrence started with a tweet about the show “Missing” starring Ashley Judd. Three appearances on the program including the most talked about episode of Season One, Amy remains one of Gray’s favorite guests because of her vast amount of knowledge and passion towards the world of sports.

Bucky McMillan-Mountain Brook Varsity Basketball Coach

Bucky McMillan has appeared on the show twice, once for a special after the Spartans won a state championship in basketball. Bucky has been a listener favorite due to the heavy viewing population in Mountain Brook, and the ratings prove likewise.

Mike Slive-SEC Commissioner

Commissioner Mike Slive, a personal friend of Gray’s, has always been supportive of the show. Slive has made three appearances on the program, and has always encouraged Gray to keep up with the show. Slive is one of the most famous guests GSU has had on, and hopefully he will make more appearances in the future.

So, which four should be inducted into the Gray’s Sports Update Hall of Fame? Vote here! Voting closes October 16th, with the official announcement of the First Inductee Class coming on the special Hall of Fame show October 17th.


The voting is complete! Tune in on Thursday to find out the winners!



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