Bracketology 2/24/15

We’re inside three weeks until Selection Sunday! I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait. The biggest issue with this week’s bracket came with one spot left in the bracket and UCLA, Stanford, and Pittsburgh all fighting for it. While I am a believer in the Panthers, and I think they could be that team that sneaks in this year, I decided to stick in the Bruins despite their 16-12 record. Stanford is listed as 9-6 against the RPI Top 100, but take a closer look: you’ll find that 7 of those wins are against teams with an RPI between 80-100. Plus, the Cardinal were swept by UCLA. As for Pittsburgh, the poor non-conference SOS knocked them out for me…well, that and the losses. When I say Pittsburgh has bad losses, I mean horrendous. At Virginia Tech? At Hawaii? Come on, Pitt. Either way, this week’s bracket was a tough one. Let me know what you think.


Big Movers Up: Michigan State (9 to 7)

Big Movers Down: Texas (8 to 10), Oklahoma State (6 to 8)


Midwest Regional

1 Kentucky

16 Bucknell/ Texas Southern


8 Xavier

9 Dayton


5 Louisville

12 Louisiana Tech


4 Maryland

13 Iona


6 Providence

11 Purdue/Oregon


3 Notre Dame

14 Northeastern


7 San Diego State

10 LSU


2 Kansas

15 Florida Gulf Coast


South Regional

1 Duke

16 Albany


8 Indiana

9 Colorado State


5 Baylor

12 Harvard


4 Northern Iowa

13 Toledo


6 West Virginia

11 Cincinnati


3 Utah

14 UC Davis


7 Butler

10 Texas A&M


2 Wisconsin

15 NC-Central


West Regional

1 Gonzaga

16 Sacramento State


8 Ohio State

9 Temple


5 Arkansas

12 Illinois/UCLA


4 North Carolina

13 Stephen F. Austin



11 NC State


3 Iowa State

14 Wofford


7 Ole Miss

10 Texas


2 Villanova

15 South Dakota State


East Regional

1 Virginia

16 St. Francis (NY)/New Mexico State


8 Oklahoma State

9 Iowa



12 Murray State


4 Wichita State

13 Valparaiso


6 Georgetown

11 Georgia


3 Oklahoma

14 Georgia State


7 Michigan State

10 St. John’s


2 Arizona

15 High Point


Last Four In: Purdue, Oregon, Illinois, UCLA

First Four Out: Stanford, Pittsburgh, Davidson, Tulsa

Next Four Out: Miami (FL), Rhode Island, Old Dominion, Boise State


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