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Just a Chat with Adam Bennett

Just a Chat with Adam Bennett

Listen to my talk with St. Bonaventure’s PA announcer, Adam Bennett.


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My Top 5 College Basketball Games That I’ve Seen Live

As a 15-year-old, I consider myself lucky to have seen some of the games I have seen. Sometimes, you just have to get lucky to see a great game and I certainly have with the proof being this list below.


5) Davidson 55, Samford 52, 2009 Regular Season

Why?: The atmosphere was fantastic, and watching Stephen Curry live was great chance to see a fantastic player.

4) Mississippi State 69, Alabama 67 OT, 2008 SEC Tournament

Why?: How can I not put in the game where a tornado hit the Georgia Dome? Definitely the most intense game I’ve been apart of for a number of reasons.

3) Duke 61, Butler 59, 2010 NCAA Tournament

Why?: The underdog story almost won a national title. The game ended with a full court shot that almost went in.

2) Kansas 75, Memphis 68 OT, 2008 NCAA Tournament

Why?: Time seemed to freeze as Mario Chalmers shot his game-tying three-point in the 2008 National Championship Game. I loved this game because of the comeback by Kansas to send it to overtime, and because my grandparents joined me at this game.

1) Kentucky 75, Mississippi State 74 OT, 2010 SEC Tournament

Why?: I was watching this game from under the basket where Demarcus Cousins made the game-tying lay-up. How could it not be number one? The atmosphere was fantastic because of how loud the Kentucky fans made the arena in Nashville. It was also cool to see actress Ashley Judd, whose new show “Missiing” on ABC is fantastic.

Listen LIVE to Just a Chat with Rece Davis

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Just a Chat with Rece Davis


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Gray’s Bracket Projections


Second Round

Kentucky over Western Kentucky

Iowa State over Connecticut

Wichita State over VCU

Indiana over New Mexico State

UNLV over Colorado

Baylor over South Dakota State

Xavier over Notre Dame

Duke over Lehigh

Third Round

Kentucky over Iowa State

Wichita State over Indiana

Baylor over UNLV

Duke over Xavier

Sweet Sixteen

Kentucky over Wichita State

Baylor over Duke

Elite Eight

Kentucky over Baylor



Second Round

Michigan State over LIU Brooklyn

Saint Louis over Memphis

Long Beach State over New Mexico

Louisville over Davidson

Murray State over Colorado State

Marquette over BYU

Florida over Virginia

Missouri over Norfolk State

Third Round

Michigan State over Saint Louis

Long Beach State over Louisville

Marquette over Murray State

Missouri over Florida

Sweet Sixteen

Long Beach State over Michigan State

Marquette over Missouri

Elite Eight

Marquette over Long Beach State



Second Round

Syracuse over UNC-Asheville

Kansas State over Southern Miss

Vanderbilt over Harvard

Wisconsin over Montana

Cincinnati over Texas

Florida State over St. Bonaventure

West Virginia over Gonzaga

Ohio State over Loyola (MD)

Third Round

Syracuse over Kansas State

Vanderbilt over Wisconsin

Florida State over Cincinnati

West Virginia over Ohio State

Sweet Sixteen

Vanderbilt over Syracuse

Florida State over West Virginia

Elite Eight

Florida State over Vanderbilt



Second Round

North Carolina over Vermont

Alabama over Creighton

South Florida over Temple

Michigan over Ohio

NC State over San Diego State

Georgetown over Belmont

Purdue over St. Mary’s

Kansas over Detroit

Third Round

North Carolina over Alabama

Michigan over South Florida

NC State over Georgetown

Kansas over Purdue

Sweet Sixteen

North Carolina over Michigan

Kansas over NC State

Elite Eight

Kansas over North Carolina


Final Four

Kentucky over Marquette

Kansas over Florida State


National Championship

Kansas over Kentucky

Tonight on Gray’s Sports Update

At 6:30, I will be talking to Samford AD Martin Newton. To listen, click the link below:


Just a Chat with Martin Newton


Shortly after, I will reveal my bracket online. Get ready for some shocking upsets!

Updated Bracketology

Number One Seeds



North Carolina


Last Four In

Mississippi State


NC State

South Florida

Last Four Out


Seton Hall



Next Four Out

Miami (FL)

Ole Miss



Updated Bracketology

Number One Seeds




North Carolina

Last Four In

Mississippi State


NC State

South Florida

Last Four Out

Seton Hall


Miami (FL)


Next Four Out


Saint Joseph’s



Listen to Just a Chat with Craig Mattox

Just a Chat with Craig Mattox

Listen in as I talk to SEC Associate Commissioner Craig Mattox about this weekend’s SEC tournament. Also, don’t miss my favorite NCAA Tournament memories, and the Big Monday Giveaway.

End of Regular Season Bracketology


1 Kentucky

16 LIU Brooklyn/Savannah State

8 Cincinnati

9 Saint Louis

5 Gonzaga

12 Colorado State

4 Baylor

13 VCU*

6 Florida State

11 Arizona

3 Ohio State

14 South Dakota State

7 Kansas State

10 Southern Miss

2 Marquette

15 UNC-Asheville*


1 Kansas

16 Stony Brook

8 St. Mary’s

9 Alabama

5 Notre Dame

12 Oregon/Texas

4 Wisconsin

13 Nevada

6 Louisville

11 Harvard

3 Michigan

14 Davidson

7 San Diego State

10 Mississippi State

2 Missouri

15 Bucknell


1 Syracuse

16 Texas-Arlington

8 Virginia

9 Iowa State

5 Murray State*

12 Seton Hall/Northwestern


13 Long Beach State

6 Wichita State

11 Connecticut

3 Indiana

14 Akron

7 Temple

10 California

2 Duke

15 Loyola (MD)*


1 North Carolina

16 Denver/ Mississippi Valley State

8 New Mexico

9 West Virginia

5 Creighton*

12 Washington

4 Florida

13 Belmont

6 Vanderbilt

11 Purdue

3 Georgetown

14 Valparaiso

7 Memphis

10 BYU

2 Michigan State

15 Weber State

*=Automatic Bid


Last Four In

Seton Hall




Last Four Out

South Florida

Miami (FL)


NC State

Next Four Out



Saint Joseph’s